Like it says around every corner here, I'm Andrew.

I'm not especially interested in self-serious introductions or anything like that, so I'll try to spare us both any lengthy bloviation.


I am interested in writing, though. When I was leaving high school and thinking about what I would do, I thought about the chores I didn't mind doing. Practicing scales on a musical instrument was out. So was writing out each step of a math problem. I didn't have the patience to develop careful technique with a paintbrush. But I could write and rewrite sentences, edit punctuation, or stew over a stanza for a week and half. So writing it was.

From there, I studied linguistics (to figure out the language I write with), creative writing (to spend some dedicated time honing the craft), and rhetoric (to immerse myself in the theory of effective writing). I've taught college composition and creative writing, and I've spent some time in writing program administration. At every step, I've been looking for ways to write things that matter in ways that engage more than my readers' intellects. If we're not having a nice time, why bother?

Avid indoorsman that I am, I've gotten involved in various projects along the way. This website is meant as a sort of central hub, a place to collect my interests, work, and wanderings. It is, and will surely remain, a work in progress.

As Robert Frost once put it, "A poem may be worked over once it is in being, but may not be worried into being." I've found that's good advice for more than just poems.