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Stuff I'm Doing

Here's an overview of current projects. Of course, you'll be able to learn a lot more on their respective websites, but, you know, we're having a nice time.

Goldfinch Media, LLC

I founded Goldfinch Media in 2023 to formalize my content creation work and to enable me to offer writing consultation services. If you're looking for personalized feedback and guidance on a writing project, check out the services I offer here.

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Writing with Andrew

Since 2019, I've been posting videos about writing and rhetoric. It's been a blast from the start, and it's only getting better.

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Dr. B's Creamery

The only kind of time you can have when you're making, talking about, or eating ice cream is a good time. So, obviously, we're only having a good time at Dr. B's Creamery.

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